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Handheld Bidirectional Loss Tester

  • One Touch Bidirectional Tier 1 Fiber Certification
  • Eliminates Administration, Training, and Testing Errors
  • Displays Measurements at Both Ends in Real Time
  • Wide Range of Available Configurations
  • Compatible with Other santec Handheld Instruments
  • Multi Fiber ID
  • Large Internal Memory
  • Optional Visual Fault Locator (VFL)
  • Interchangeable Connectors are Protected Against Drops and Impact
BRH 100 bidirectional handheld


Santec’s BRH-100 Bidirectional Insertion and Return Loss Tester combines several essential fiber optic measurement tools in a rugged handheld package for fast and precise bi-directional Tier 1 certification and reporting of single-mode and multimode optical fibers. Its advanced features and automated test process eliminates setup, training, and measurement errors, maximizing productivity and accuracy when qualifying networks with multiple wavelengths and fiber types. Using a pair of BRH-100 instruments in autotest mode, two-way insertion loss can be displayed in real time at multiple wavelengths using one test hook up per fiber and a single press of a button.

Fiber length and optical return loss (ORL) measurement options are also available in the BRH-100, resulting in a powerful and comprehensive test solution for fiber optic administrators, installers, and technicians. An can also be used as a stand-alone optical light source or loss meter, allowing it to be used with Santec’s OPH-100 handheld optical power meters and SLH-100 handheld optical light sources. By looping together the light source and power meter ports, a single BRH-100 can be used in one-way autotest mode to perform loss testing for up to three wavelengths.

One Touch Bidirectional Tier 1 Fiber Certification
In two-way autotest mode, a pair of BRH-100 instruments can fully qualify a singlemode or multimode fiber in as fast as 5 seconds with one hookup and a single press of a button. Results can be exported in real time into a standards compliant Excel-based test report when connected to a PC
Eliminates Administration, Training and Testing Errors
Automated test process uses the same method for all fibers in a network for more productivity and fewer mistakes. Simplified setup in autotest mode eliminates the need to specify master and slave instruments
Displays Measurements at Both Ends in Real Time
In autotest mode, measurement information is summarized simultaneously on the instruments at both fiber ends via a comprehensive LCD display. The high contrast display is backlit and can be read in bright sunlight for use underground or outside
Wide Range of Available Configurations
The BRH-100 can be specified with optional fiber length testing, optical return loss (ORL) testing, a visual fault locator (VFL), and ultra-stable zero warm up time light sources, putting the accuracy and versatility of a fiber optics lab in the palm of your hand. The optional ORL meter includes a full range of features and can be operated in stand-alone mode or integrated with the autotest mode


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