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Handheld Insertion Loss Tester

  • Maximum Versatility in a rugged, compact package
  • More than 25 calibrated wavelengths available
  • Up to 6 laser and LED sources in each instrument
  • Optional VisiTester Identified Active Test Fibers
  • Compatile with other santec handheld instruments
  • Multi Fiber ID
  • Large Internal Memory
  • Interchangeable Connectors are Protected Against Drops and Impact
ILH 100 Insertion Loss Handheld


The Santec ILH-100 Insertion Loss Tester is an easy-to-use and rugged test set combining a multi-wavelength optical power meter and a mix of laser and LED sources in a compact handheld package. Designed for single-direction measurements, the ILH-100 can incorporate up to 6 different laser and LED sources and provides fiber optic administrators, installers, and technicians an ideal cost-effective solution for testing singlemode and multimode systems. Built-in multi-fiber ID identifies up to 12 different test tones from multiple sources for simplified continuity and polarity testing.

Multiple insertion loss test results can be stored in internal memory with a timestamp and userspecified cable name and then transferred to an external USB drive with a single press of a button for analysis and record keeping. The ILH-100 is available in a wide range of configurations to meet virtually any fiber optic measurement requirement, and can be ordered with an optional VisiTester active fiber identifier and ultra-stable zero warm up light sources for added utility and accuracy.

Maximum Versatility in a Rugged and Compact Package
With up to 6 Laser and LED sources and a multi-wavelength optical power meter packaged in a slim, shockproof, and durable polycarbonate housing, the ILH-100 is ideal for outside work in remote locations. Compliance with MIL PRF 28800F requirements assures that the instrument will stand up to unprotected and uncontrolled environments
More than 25 Calibrated Wavelengths Available
A fast and accurate optical power meter measures absolute power, relative power, and detects up to 12 test tones. Displays mW, µW, nW, dB, and dBm to 0.01 dB resolution without range changing delays. Separate references for each wavelength are stored and displayed on a large backlit LCD screen that is easily readable in bright sunlight
Up to 6 Laser and Led Sources in Each Instrument
Multiple laser and LED source options built into the ILH-100 mean more time spent testing and less time juggling equipment. Laser sources are CWDM standards compliant, covering cable qualification for the O, E, S, C, and L bands, including the water absorption peak, 1625 and 1650 nm. Ultra-stable zero warm-up laser sources are also available, eliminating drift and guaranteeing precise single-mode measurements. LED sources are Encircled Flux (EF) compliant and include mandrel wraps for consistent and reliable test results
Optional VisiTester Identifies Active Test Fibers
The ILH-100 can be ordered with a VisiTester option that blinks the active test fiber, making it obvious to the user. The test signal is mixed with a test tone for use with clip-on fiber identifiers. The VisiTester output also works as a standard visual fault locator (VFL), and quickly flags fiber breaks, bad splices, pinched fibers, bending losses, and cracked connector ferrules with bright red light escaping from the defect


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