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Handheld Optical Power Meter

  • One-Touch Autotest capability
  • Tone detection with multifiber ID
  • Slow mode power averaging for unstable sources or modulated input
  • Large internal memory supports cable naming and time stamps
  • Simple controls with large backlit LCD Display
  • Interchangeable connectors
  • Option visual fault finder
  • Long battery life
  • Rugged moisture resistant case
OPH 100 OPM Handheld


Santecs versatile OPH-100 Handheld Optical Power Meter is a full-featured, rugged, and accurate measurement instrument essential for installers, contractors, and field technicians needing to test power, loss, continuity, and faults on all types of fiber optic systems. Large backlit display that can be read in difficult lighting conditions, strong moisture resistant polycarbonate case with shock protection, an integrated dust cover that doubles as a stand, and long battery life with flexible power options make the OP310 an ideal tool for outside work in harsh environments.

One-Touch Autotest Capability
One-touch autotest synchronizes the instrument settings and test process with a compatible Santec light source, such as the SLH-100, using the fiber under test. Enables fast, reliable, and repeatable testing in less time and with fewer user errors. Up to 6 wavelengths can be tested, with 3 wavelengths displayed simultaneously along with the nominal power level for each source.
Tone Detection with Multi-fiber ID
When used with the Santec SLH light source incorporating multifiber ID, the OPH-100
can identify up to 12 different fibers, in addition to standard optical test tones, i.e.,
270Hz, 1KHz, and 2KHz. This makes continuity testing, polarity testing, and fault
finding fast and reliable.
Slow Mode Power Averaging for Unstable or Modulated Signals
Built-in power averaging mode ensures reliable and accurate measurements when
a light source is pulsed or unsteady.
Simple Controls with Large Backlit LCD Display
Multi-function buttons make accessing all measurement modes and features easy and intuitive. Up to 3 measurement wavelengths and power levels can be displayed simultaneously. High contrast display can be read in bright sun; backlight can be used in dark environments.


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