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Handheld Optical Light Source

  • High Reconnection Repeatability
  • Standards Compliant LED and Laser Sources for Maximum Measurement Confidence
  • Supports One-Touch Autotest
  • Supports Tone Detection with Multi Fiber ID
  • Optional VisiTest Visual Fault Locator
  • Interchangeable Connectors
  • Flexible Power Options
  • Meets MIL PRF 28800F Class 2
SLH 100 Light Source 384 X237


Santec's SLH-100 is a reliable and versatile handheld optical light source incorporating up to six mixed LED, laser, and visual fault locator (VFL) emitters in a rugged and compact package. Paired with a Santec handheld optical power meter (OPH-100), the SLH-100 is ideal for mixed multimode and single-mode fiber testing, and is an essential tool for installers, contractors, and field technicians.

Combining multiple source wavelengths and functions into one compact package means fewer instruments to take along and less equipment juggling for faster, more confident measurements.

The SLH-100 is available in a wide range of models including LED-only, laser-only, and mixed LED and laser sources. Available wavelengths are 470 nm to 1300 nm for LED sources, and from 1310 nm to 1625 nm for laser sources. Ultra-stable LED and laser sources are available with zero warm-up time and are ideal for long term monitoring and optimal performance under varying optical return loss (ORL).

Excellent Optical Power Stability for Reliable and Repeatable Measurements
Typical stability over temperature is 0.35 dB for LED sources and 0.6 dB for laser sources. Stability over temperature for ultra-stable zero warm-up sources is as low as 0.2 dB max for LED and laser sources.
High Reconnection Repeatability
Reconnection repeatability of 0.1 dB over a wide range of LED and laser wavelengths provides steady output power every time the SLH-100 is connected to perform measurements
Standards Compliant LED and Laser Sources for Maximum Measurement Confidence
LED sources are controlled and certified to ensure compliance with Encircled Flux (EF) standards without additional conditioning patch leads. Laser sources are compliant with CWDM standards covering typical cable qualification for the O, E, S, C, and L bands, including the water absorption peak, 1625 nm
Supports One-Touch Autotest Capability Using a Compatible Power Meter
One-touch Autotest synchronizes the instrument settings and test process with a compatible Santec optical power meter (OPH-100) using the fiber under test. Enables fast, reliable, and repeatable testing in less time and with fewer user errors. Up to 6 wavelengths can be tested, with 3 wavelengths displayed simultaneously along with the nominal power level for each source


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