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Component Testing

We offer a range of complete systems for measuring optical properties by combining our tunable lasers, optical switches, polarization controller, power meter and software. Please feel free to contact us for customization according to your needs.

  • Edmsts
    • Component Testing
    • STS

    Swept Test System

  • SPA 100 x TSL570 cables
    • Component Testing
    • SPA-100

    Swept Photonics Analyzer

    The Swept Photonics Analyzer (SPA-100) is an add-on optical frequency domain reflectometer (OFDR) box to a Santec TSL which enables high resolution reflectometry analysis of silicon photonic and PIC components.

  • PLM Front 90 0 0 FOV 70 384x237
    • Component Testing
    • PLM-100

    Polarization Dependent Loss Meter

    • Mueller Matrix
    • OCWR
    • PDL, BR & IL
  • PEM 340
    • Component Testing
    • PEM-340

    Polarization Extinction Ratio Meter

    Characterize PM fiber and components

    • Polarization Maintaining Fiber measurements
    • Real-time Data
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