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Sliding Fiber Optic Adapters

These SD fiber optic detector adapters will reduce your test time through simplified and reliable operation.

  • 4 times faster to change adapters
  • Fixed key orientation
  • Slide on & Magnetic
  • Patent Pending #29679373
  • Compatible with most Santec products
  • AD threaded adapters also available
  • Watch the product video on this page

Santec SD Detector Adapters, the fastest and easiest-to-use detector adapters available. Quickly change adapters with a simple slide and magnetic connection. Connector keys are always in the same position for predictable and ergonomic handling. Pair the SD adapters with the latest Santec integrating sphere to allow for simple one-connection duplex LC testing or MPO testing up to 72 fibers at once.

SD adapters are compatible with the benchtop optical power meter (OPM-200), the benchtop return loss meter (RLM),  the remote head polarity detector (RD-P),  the benchtop optical back reflection meter (BRM) and the benchtop optical polarity loss meter (PLM) models. Dozens of adapter styles are available, with new adapters being released regularly.

Delivery: Typically arrives in < 1 week


SD Adapter Overview

1 min watch