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  • Sumix Manta HM

360x Wide Field of View Multifiber Inspection Scope

Manta HM (stands for "high magnification") is an automated microscope for inspection of single and multi-fiber patch cords, bulkheads, and transceivers, including but not limited to: MT, MPO, LC, FC, SC, CS®, E2000™, PRIZM, QSFP, ARINC, MIL Spec termini, ODC12, High-power SMA, Avim, mini-Avim and more.

Manta HM can be used for visual inspection of a connector end face for scratches, defects and contamination, as well as for automatic Pass/Fail testing based on IEC standards.

Manta HM in stand
Large Field of View

Pass/Fail analysis of an MPO connector is done in a single scan taking just 3 seconds (for MPO12/16).
Guide holes and ferrule surface are inspected at the same magnification as fibers.

Unsurpassed Optical Performance*

High-contrast precision optics, optimal axial illumination and 20MP sensor provide for accurate measurements of small anomalies.

*among handheld microscopes for multi-fiber inspection with a similar FOV.

Versatility from Bench to Patch Panel

Manta HM can be used as a handheld probe for testing transceivers and bulkhead connectors in patch panels, as well as a benchtop solution for production lines and labs.

Compatibility with Android Phone

A Google Pixel phone and the MaxInspect application for Android allow you to use Manta HM as a portable field tool and inspect the connectors on site with the precision of a benchtop microscope.


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