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  • OVB-100

Optical Backreflector

  • ±0.2 dB relative accuracy
  • ±0.02 repeatability
  • 60 dB range
  • Available in single-mode or multi-mode
OVB Front 90 0 0 FOV 70 384x237


The OVB Optical Variable Backreflector enables precise backreflection control and superior repeatability. It can be used as a benchtop or rackmount instrument.  The OVB is ideal for lab and production applications including transceiver testing, QA testing, laser production and automated test systems. The OVB variable backreflector offers ± 0.02dB repeatability and a range of 60dB in single-mode and 35 dB in multi-mode. The OVB can be controlled via the front panel touch screen, or remotely via USB and Ethernet. The OVB series variable backreflectors operate from 1200-1700 for single-mode and 750-1700 for multi-mode. A 50/50 coupler can be added to bypass the variable backreflector for input signal monitoring.


•Transceiver testing

•QA testing

•Laser production


•UL/CSA 61010

•IEC 61010

•FCC Part 15 (Class A)

•EN 61326 (Class A

Accurate and Repeatable
Easy to Use

OVB Optical Variable Backreflector

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