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  • Sumix OCTOPUS

Handheld Robotic Multi-Termini Interferometer

The Sumix OCTOPUS is a handheld robotic interferometer designed for maintenance inspection of multi-termini fiber optic connectors (MIL-DTL-38999 style and similar) installed inside an aircraft or marine vessel.

The OCTOPUS uses a multi-axis motion system to scan the 3D surface and measure geometry parameters for each terminus of a fiber optic connector automatically.

Stationary connectors can now be inspected inside patch-panels, server boxes, and other optical-network units without being dismantled for inspection.

Octopus hero

Minimize operator’s actions to just one click

Large Range of Focus

Inspect mounted connectors on-site - in patch-panels, server boxes, and other optical-network devices.

Industry-Leading MaxInspect™ Automated Inspection Software

Measure radius of curvature, fiber height, etc. Enjoy an easy and modern interface, no special training for technicians required

Interactive 2D and 3D Surface Profiles

Rotate, zoom, scale images to explore surface details

Convenient Test Results Management

Retrieve the report for any connector, filter or examine the statistics any time

Factory Calibration with NIST Traceable Standards

Be sure of the accuracy of your measurement results


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