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  • OTF-320

Manual Tunable Gaussian Filter

80 nm tuning thin-film dielectric coating based Tunable Filter

  • Gaussian Filter Shape
  • Excellent PDL and PMD
  • Analog Wavelength Indicator
OTF 320


The OTF-320 is a manually tunable optical filter that features a wavelength indicator. Tuning is achieved by rotating a dial on the side of the unit, and the meter on the top of the unit provides the wavelength reference.

A wide choice of tunable filter wavelength range and profile are available from Santec's selection of thin-film based filters.

Gaussian filter shape

80 nm tuning range for good ASE noise suppression

Excellent transmission characteristics

Low PDL and PMD over whole tuning range

Manual tuning

Rotating dial with analog wavelength indicator

Filter Structure

Features & Characteristics

  • Thin-film filter based tunable filter
  • Linear sliding method
  • 80 nm tuning range
  • Excellent transmission characteristics and low PDL over entire tuning range
  • Analog wavelength indicator
  • Wavelength tuning knob with lock function


  • DWDM transmission systems
  • ASE noise suppression for amplified signals
  • Incoherent tunable light source with broadband light source
  • Fiber sensing
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