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  • TSL-570 Type H

High Power Tunable Laser

A tunable laser that achieves both fast scans and high stability

  • Ultra high output power +20 dBm
  • Fast- up to 200 nm/s, wavelength sweeps
  • Wide tuning range line-up: 1260 - 1360 nm / 1500 - 1630 nm
  • Wavelength resolution: 0.1 pm
  • Fine tuning scan range: 10 GHz
TSL 570 H


The new TSL-570 type H tunable laser is a high-performance, high-power model with peak optical output power over 20 dBm.

The advanced optical cavity design enables picometer accuracy, sub-picometer resolution and high scanning speeds up to 200 nm/s.

The TSL-570 type H can cover the O-band tuning range of 1260 - 1360 nm or the CL-band tuning range 1500 - 1630 nm.

Santec’s Tunable lasers are used extensively in photonics; for optical component characterization, photonic integrated circuit testing, quantum photonics, spectroscopy, and sensors. In particular, as a high output power tunable light source, the TSL-570 type H is useful for verification and evaluation of silicon photonics, which consist of densely integrated optical devices that exhibit large material loss and coupling loss.

In addition, even in the wavelength range (1260 - 1360 nm) outside LAN-WDM, the output of the TSL-570 type H exceeds +16 dBm, and the TSL-570 type H enables the testing of transceivers for 100/400 GE as well as next-generation 800 GbE and 1.6 TbE.

The TSL-570 type H is a high-specification, full-feature instrument, suitable for all applications.

It has a simple-to-use touch panel display as well as Ethernet, GPIB and USB interfaces for remote control.


Santec Tunable Laser TSL-570 Introduction

3 min watch
High Power

Peak power over 20 dBm

Wavelength Stability

State-of-the-art wavelength stability under temperature changes

Rapid Sweep Technology

Precise speed control up to 200 nm/s with high accuracy

Wavelength Resolution and Accuracy

0.1 pm resolution and sub-pm wavelength accuracy

Market Leading S/N and SSE

90 dB/0.1 nm Signal-to-noise ratio and ultra-low level of SSE

Fine Tuning Scan Range

Scan range tuning as small as 10 GHz

Features & Characteristics

  • Ultra high output power +20 dBm
  • Fast, up to 200 nm/s, wavelength sweeps
  • Wide tuning range lineup: 1260 - 1360 / 1500 - 1630 nm
  • Wavelength resolution: 0.1 pm
  • Fine tuning scan range: 10 GHz

Typical Data

Wavelength vs. Power


Optical Spectrum

Optical spectrum


  • Silicon Photonics testing
  • Optical Component testing
  • Optical spectroscopy

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