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  • MFC-1xx

Mode Fill Conditioner

The modal conditioning kit enables standardized insertion loss testing for encircled flux standards as well as various military and aerospace standards such as AS62 and AS100 launch conditions

LMC Launch condition Kit384x237


The Santec Mode Fill Conditioner, MFC, is an accessory to any compatible Santec instrument used for measuring insertion loss and is essential for guaranteeing that the proper launch conditions are met when testing insertion loss on multi-mode fiber optic assemblies. The MFC can be configured for almost any industry standard specified launch condition such as telcom standard encircled flux or military standard AS100, AS62. Each MFC can be configured with various standard connector types (FC, LC, SC, ST) and in both APC and PC polish types. The system is available in a single launch conditioning cable (MFC-100) or a rack mount multi-channel system (MFC-150).

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