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  • LCM-100

Launch Condition Meter


•Far-field measurements

•Auto-alignment and focusing

•Mode Field Diameter measurements

•Software to compare to common launch condition templates such as Encircled Flux

LCM Launch Condition Analyzer


The LCM Launch Condition Meter is a convenient benchtop instrument for analyzing characteristics and geometry of optical fibers. Use Santec's software to scan and easily plot both the near-field and far-field patterns. Compare to standard launch templates such as the IEC 61280-4-1 Encircled Flux standard. The LCM can be equipped with two internal LEDs with 850 nm and 1300 nm wavelengths. Internal 105/125µm, 0.22NA fiber allows for overfill testing in most applications. The optical interface of the instrument accepts all standard 2.5mm ferrules. Other connector sizes are available upon request.


•Fiber analysis

•Insertion loss source compliance testing



•IEC 60793-1-45 for MFD

Near-field Measurements
Using the LCM-100 to perform nearfield measurements one can analyze fiber optic loss sources for various launch condition requirements such as: Encircled flux, 70/70, andAS100. The nearfield measurement can also be used to analyze multimode fibers for core size and refractive index profile.
Far-field Measurements
The LCM-100 can perform far-field measurement of light distribution exiting a fiber. This analysis can yield the numerical aperture of a fiber. The far-field measurement can also be used to verify proper launch conditions for military standard launches such as AS100 orAS62 specified in ARP5061.
Auto-alignment and Focusing

Using the auto alignment and focusing feature of the LCM-100 system, a technician can easily verify that the system is properly focused and aligned to yield accurate and repeatible nearfield measurements.

Mode Field Diameter Measurements

Using the far-field scanning apparatus of the LCM-100 system, the mode field diameter can be measured for single-mode fibers per the reference method as defined in IEC 60793-1-45.

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