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  • OPM-200

High Performance Optical Power Meter

  • Free-space 2 mm InGaAs detector
  • 840 to 1700 nm wavelength range
  • 8 to -80 dBm power range
  • 1 MHz sampling
  • Touch screen display
  • USB or Ethernet

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The OPM-200 High-Performance Optical Power Meter is the latest generation of Santec power meters. The standard 2 mm InGaAs detector can measure power down to -80 dBm over a wide wavelength range from 840 to 1700 nm. Superior accuracy and 1 MHz sampling rate make the OPM-200 a reliable power meter for almost any application.

The detector is free-space and compatible with our patented SD Slide Detector Adapters. Together with the analog output it is ideal for automated optical alignment. Additionally, choose from 1 to 4 detectors and remote-head options for the ultimate, flexible power meter solution.


•Optical alignment

•Transceiver testing

•Laser and amplifier characterization

•Transient testing

•Lab and R&D


Choose our remote-head option to give yourself maximum flexibility. There is a threaded mounting hole to help attach it to your work bench. The OPM-200 can be configured with up to 4 detectors.

Automated Measurements Made Easy

It’s never been easier to integrate a power meter in an automated process. The OPM-200 is programmable via simple SCPI commands through USB or Ethernet. Automation is further facilitated with our patented, interchangeable SD Slide Detector Adapters.

Touch Screen

The large and intuitive touchscreen display allows you to clearly see the measured values and easily change your power meter settings such as wavelength, averaging time, min/max function etc.

High Speed

At 1 MHz sampling rate and 128,000 point data logging, the OPM-200 can capture transient behaviors and is suitable for high-speed applications.

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