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  • SLS-100

Stabilized Light Source

• Up to 24 LEDs or Lasers in one rack

• Factory configurable wavelength mix including various SM and MM source types

• Adjust power levels

• Customer definable launch condition

• Combined sources in one port (850/1300 MM, 1310/1550 SM)

• Support common connector types on front panel (FC, SC, ST)

• Always on optical source

SLS 100 Light source


SLS-100 multichannel optical source can be configured with a mix of up to 24 individual LED or Laser sources, with the option to combine some sources into one port (i.e. 1310nm/1550nm, 850nm/1300nm).

The single wavelength LED sources, available in standard 850nm and 1300nm can be configured with various fiber sizes (50 um to 1 mm POF) as well as standardized launch conditions (EF, AS100, etc.). Standard single mode sources at 1310 nm and 1550 nm are outfitted with 9/125 um fiber.

Multiple sources
Up to 24 LED's or Lasers in one rackmount unit
Configurable Wavelengths
Variety of wavelengths to choose, from 650nm-1625nm
Adjust power using the front panel touchscreen or USB
EF Compliant. Custom fills available.
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