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  • SLS-100

Stabilized Light Source

• Up to 24 LEDs or Lasers in one rack

• Factory configurable wavelength mix including various SM and MM source types

• Adjust power levels

• Customer definable launch condition

• Combined sources in one port (850/1300 MM, 1310/1550 SM)

• Support common connector types on front panel (FC, SC, ST)

• Always on optical source

SLS 100 Light source


The SLS-1xx series of fixed light sources is a highly configurable system with many different options for light sources. There are three different versions of the SLS series. The SLS-100 is a fixed bank of light sources, the SLS-110 is a switched optical source, and the SLS-120 is a fixed bank of light sources dedicated to CWDM DFB laser sources. Each of these systems come in either a half rack or full rack 2U enclosure.

The SLS-100 can be configured with up to 24 discrete LEDs or lasers (1mW type) or the system can be mixed and matched with different source types, wavelengths, or fiber types to accommodate various applications in one box.

The SLS-110 is a system that has an internal source or sources that can be combined and switched at the output. This is convenient if one needs combined wavelengths out of many port, such as 24 channels with 1310,1490,1550,1625, which would not be possible in the SLS-100 series.

For dedicated CWDM applications, the SLS-120, can accommodate all ITU-T G.694.2 channels (1270 to 1610, 20nm apart) in one box with standard 1mW DFB sources. Also available with 10mW or 20mW DFB lasers with at least 30dB of side mode suppression ratio.


•Optical alignment

•Environmental testing of IL for cables and optical components

•Real time IL monitoring


•Available with controlled launch conditions (EF,70/70, AS100, etc.)

Factory Configurable Wavelength Mix
Each SLS system is highly configurable. The system can have a mix of LED sources, laser sources, different fiber types and different output power levels. If a standard configuration does not fit the application, please contact a sales representative to discuss the possibility.
Compact Benchtop System
The SLS systems come in both a half rack system with up to 4 discrete sources and a full rack system with up to 24 ports of optical sources. This compact size allows for more working bench space for the technician.
Calibration Not Required
Due to the stability of these optical sources in power and wavelength, there is no need to get them calibrated unless specified by quality processes.
Support for Most Common Connector Types
The SLS systems accommodate standard connector types such as SC, LC, FC, ST, etc
USB and Ethernet Communication Interfaces
Integrate the SLS system into an automation process using the USB SDK or via ethernet commands to control the instrument.

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