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  • WSL-110

Compact and Robust Tunable Laser

Programmable, high power, and step tuning laser.

  • C-band or L-band Tuning with High Resolution
  • High Output Power > + 15 dBm
WSL 110


Designed for use in fiber optic transmission testing, our WSL-110 can also be used for DWDM component evaluation and coherent communications testing.

The WSL-110 features grid tuning and gridless tuning options, allowing any wavelength to be accessed.

Wide Operating Ranges and Spectrums
Large Tuning Range

38 nm tuning range in C-band or L-band with output power > +15 dBm

Multiple Ports

1 or 2 ports per unit

Gridless Wavelength Tuning

Any wavelength in the range can be accessed

High wavelength accuracy

Integrated wavelength locker ensures accuracy and linewidth < 100kHz

Features and Characteristics

  • C-band or L-band tuning with high resolution, settable to any wavelength
  • Fine tuning available with 1 MHz resolution
  • Narrow linewidth < 100 kHz
  • High output power >+ 15 dBm
  • Integrated wavelength locker (high wavelength accuracy and stability)

Typical Data

Wavelength Accuracy


Wavelength Stability @ 24 H



  • Fiber optic transmission testing
  • DWDM component testing
  • Coherent communications / Local oscillator
  • Optical amplifier testing

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