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  • OSX-100E

OEM Optical Switch

  • Up to 80 outputs
  • Ultra low IL < 0.5 dB
  • ± 0.005 dB repeatability
  • Crosstalk < -80 dB
  • Customization available
  • I2C communication 
  • <0.2 dB IL port-to-port variation

OSX 100 E


The OSX-100E is an off-the-shelf fiber optic switch component that can be easily integrated into virtually any fiber optic routing or switching application. It is readily available in common fiber types (standard single-mode, 50 um or 62.5 um multimode); but can also be ordered with specialty fiber types (step index, large core multimode, small core single-mode).

Switches can be configured for 1x2 up to 1x80 channels and are also available in 2B or 2C configurations (see configuration options). For more complex signal routing and switching, the low loss (< 0.5 dB) allows for concatenating switches to enable higher channel counts. For ease of integration, each switch comes with a pre-programmed driver board and uses standard I2C communication protocol for control. The driver board that can be mounted separately or with the optical switch, giving more flexibility.


•Fiber optic signal routing/conditioning



•Fiber optic sensing

In all aspects, OSX-100 is designed to be invisible within your application. Its repeatability of ± 0.005 dB makes it ideal for any automated or long term measurement application and IL < 0.5 dB makes it a perfect fit for tight IL budgets. Each channel will maintain a high signal-to-noise ratio thanks to the OSX’s excellent crosstalk < -80 dB.
Small Form Factor
The smallest switch can accommodate up to 27 channels and measures just 26 mm x 100 mm x 22 mm, which fits into a 1U enclosure. This allows for more channels/ports in a smaller space.
Many Fiber Types Available
Beyond the typical fiber types like SMF, 50 um, and 62.5 um graded-index fiber, the OSX100E offers a wide variety of fiber options. These span from 5/125 um single mode fiber to 100 um graded index multimode fiber, extending to larger core step index hard clad silica fibers such as 200 um, 300 um, and larger.
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