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  • PowerRT

Multichannel IL Test Software

PowerRT was designed as a simple solution for testing insertion loss on multichannel fiber optic assemblies while allowing the operator to monitor all test results simultaneously. It shows real-time power meter readings for all channels of an OPM-150 (or compatible legacy system). Many aspects of the user interface and the test reporting including wavelength, active channels, and measurement display precision, are customizable. PowerRT collects the data from all active detectors on an OPM-150 power meter unit and will compile those values into a user-defined report in Excel format.

Power RT Screenshot
Real-time multichannel IL testing

Results displayed immediately for all active ports

Configurable Test Report

Configure test report with excel template

Serialized Cable Testing

Store data for serialized cables

Fast and Simple Testing

Easily configurable software

Integrate with SLS and OPM

Integrates with OPM-150 as well as CW SLS-100 systems.


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