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  • RD-P-100

Remote-Head Polarity Detector

  • Test polarity then IL/RL without disconnecting your DUT
  • Fast Pass/Fail results
  • Can measure most multifiber connectors
  • Reduce reference complexity
  • Test results stored with XNS IL/RL results

RD P 45


Create the ultimate multifiber cable assembly test station by adding the RD-P Remote-head Polarity Detector to your RLM Return Loss Meter and OSX Optical Switch. In a single connection, you can now test IL, RL and polarity of multifiber assemblies such as MPO or duplex LC.

Use with our free Cable Assembly software and have all your IL, RL and polarity results saved together in the XNS database.

Optimized for Speed
Polarity measurement takes only 4 seconds for 12 fibers but more importantly, you don’t need to disconnect your device before moving on to IL/RL testing. The RD-P does not physically contact with the connector so there is no need to inspect or clean and no risk of contamination or damage.


The RD-P costs less than a typical switch and can measure polarity on 12, 24 or more fibers.

No Impact on IL/RL Accuracy

There is no added uncertainty from the complex referencing method required for IL/polarity with two switches.

Measure IL End A and B Separately
You are no longer limited to measuring the total IL of your DUT as with the dual-switch method. With the RD-P, you can also measure each connector IL separately and still get your polarity results.


RD-P Demo

4 min watch


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