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  • Sumix MAX-QM+

Multifiber White-light and Phase-shift Interferometer

MAX-QM+ is an automated interferometer for inspection of single and multi-fiber connectors of MTP®/MPO, ST, FC, SC, LC, MU, E2000™, SMA types as well as MT, MT-RJ ferrules.

High measurement speed, portable design, autofocus, and a large field of view with the ability to test 12 or 16 fibers per row have made MAX-QM+ an immensely popular solution for high-volume production lines.

MAX-QM+ is supplied with the industry-leading MaxInspect™ software for interferometric inspection of fiber optic connectors.

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High Resolution 2D and 3D Surface Profiles

Explore surface details as small as 2.2 μm.


Minimize operator’s actions to just one click.

Large field of view of up to 5700 μm

Measure connector from guide hole to guide hole

Fast Measurements

Measure multi-fiber connectors as quickly as 3 seconds

Compatibility with Innovative Side+Front View Fixtures

Overcome cable tension and ferrule positioning uncertainties in MTP®/MPO measurement and control additional parameters - guide holes parallelism and angles

MT16 and MT32 Inspection

Stay on top of the latest market technologies

Ergonomic Fixture Design

Save time with easy ferrule/connector insertion and fixture handling

Data-Base Connectivity

Store measurement data from all local sites in one place and easily integrate Sumix equipment into your manufacturing systems

Compliance to Industry Standards

Test per IEC, Telcordia or your own Pass/Fail criteria

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