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  • PEM-340

Polarization Extinction Ratio Meter

Rapid & Accurate measurement for PER, Angle, and Power

  • 50 dB Dynamic Range for PER Measurement
  • Wide Dynamic Input Power Range
  • Interchangeable Connectors: FC, SC or LC
PEM 340


Our PEM-340 polarization extinction ratio (PER) meter enables rapid and accurate polarization axis alignment of optical components to a Polarization Maintaining Fiber (PMF). In addition, to facilitate automatic alignment of diode lasers to optical fibers, an analog power monitor with a 1 kHz response time is available.

Multiple Simultaneous Measurements

Displays extinction ratio, optical power and polarization angle

High Dynamic Range

Up to 50 dB range for PER measurement

Wide Operating Ranges and Spectrums
Full Band Measurements

Measurements can be done from 1260 nm to 1630 nm

Automated Measurements

Analog monitor at 1kHz response time

Features & Characteristics

  • Full band 1260 to 1630 nm
  • Simultaneous display of extinction ratio, optical power, and polarization angle
  • 50 dB dynamic range for PER measurement
  • Wide dynamic input power range
    (- 40 to + 10 dBm/Normal power), (- 25 to + 20 dBm/High power)
    Direct PD analog output
  • Real-time (up to 10 Hz) measurement
  • Interchangeable connectors: FC, SC or LC


  • Alignment of polarization axis of optical devices
  • Connectorized PMF patch cord evaluation
  • PMF pigtailed laser diode evaluation
  • PM fiber fusion splicing
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