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  • XNS

Expandable Network Server

  • Centralized database
  • Production friendly
  • Flexible API to integrate into your ERP or MES
  • Scan & test

XNS Screenshot


The XNS Expandable Network Server (v2.61.00) is a centralized ecosystem, capable of fully managing test setup, pass/fail reporting, data storage, retrieval and label print or export across many test stations within a production floor.

The XNS allows for the separation of concerns regarding data management and actual test processes.

Pairing the XNS with the Cable Assembly Application brings a familiar workflow with PC side software that runs test plans generated by the XNS and pushes data back to the XNS for storage and retrieval.


  • IL/RL/polarity testing of fiber optic cable assemblies
  • Single-fiber and multifiber testing
  • Manufacturing and QA

System Requirement


  • Windows 10 (64 bit)or higher


  • Static IP
  • RAID 1 or RAID 5 mirrored hard drives
  • Intel Xeon or AMD EPYC CPU
  • 8GB ECC (error correcting) RAM
Create Test Plans
Use any common web browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to access the XNS interface and define test plans. Optimized for simplicity, test plans for typical DUTs can be created with a few simple clicks. For complex DUTs, the advanced configurations allows for complete customization of the test sequence.
One Server per Production Line
XNS installed on a single server PC can automate and record the measurements of multiple production lines of RLM, OSX, RD-P and PTM. Your entire facility can run from a centralized database
Flexible API
Use our API to integrate the power of the XNS into your ERP, MES or custom software by pushing XNS test plans to your Santec equipment and pulling test data from the XNS database.
Scan & Test

Barcode scanners can be connected directly to a RLM or PTM allowing operators to save results directly to the XNS database. Barcodes can also be used to quickly load test plans from the XNS or provide custom field information. Using a barcode scanner will eliminate the need for manual user input resulting in fewer errors and faster production.


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