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  • PTS

Polarity Test Software

  • Simple interface
  • Minimal training required
  • Production friendly
  • Results saved via Microsoft Excel

PTS Screenshot


The PTS (v5.1.0.0) allows for automated control of your Santec PTM Polarity Test Meters through a dedicated, easy-to-use Windows application.

Note: This is legacy software. Please consider using the new Cable Assembly application with a PTM for all your Polarity Testing needs.


• Multi-fiber cable mapping

• MPO, duplex LC, etc.

• Manufacturing testing

• VFL troubleshooting 

• QC inspection

System Requirements

• Windows 10 or higher

• VISA driver


Nearly Instant Results
12 Fibers: < 1 second
24 Fibers: < 1.5 seconds
48 Fibers: < 2.0 seconds
144 Fibers: < 5 seconds
288 Fibers: < 10 seconds
VFL Mode
Enable a specific fiber LED with a visible red light for quick visual troubleshooting.
Endless Configurations
Common polarities are pre-configured while custom polarity types are easily created in seconds without any limitation. The “Discover” function tests a known device and saves the measured mapping for future test profiles.
Quick Traceable Testing
Santec's PTM-100 can verify 12 channel assemblies in 1 second and up to 288 channels in < 10 seconds. Use the Polarity Test Software to automatically record measurements for traceable polarity results.


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