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  • SPA-100

Swept Photonics Analyzer

  • Industry's highest resolution reflectometer (<5 μm)
  • Measure insertion loss and return loss on optical components
  • Proximity sensing for silicon photonic alignment and testing
  • Integrates with Santec TSL 570, 550/710, and 770
  • Feedthrough port for integration of OPM for active alignment of Silicon Photonic Device
  • Polarization maintaining fiber for Silicon Photonic applications
  • Easy analysis software included
  • Wide sweeping range for WDL measurements (up to 160 nm)
  • Wide dynamic range (>70 dB) for WDL measurements with no gain switching


SPA 100 x TSL570 cables


The SPA-100 is a convenient optical frequency domain reflectometry (OFDR) add-on module to a Santec tunable laser. When paired together, the complete system can analyze the most compact and complex optical components yielding results for reflectance, transmission, propagation loss, and distance to events.

The complete system employs OFDR (Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry) technology enabling it to analyze the back reflection and transmission characteristics of fiber optic devices/components in the spatial domain. The system produces a trace like an OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) but with much higher resolution and precision. The system has a sampling resolution of 5 um allowing it to discern structures within PIC (photonic integrated circuits) and silicon photonic (SiPh) devices with ease.

With the wide selection of tunable lasers, the OFDR system is highly configurable to function over the spectrum of importance to the device being measured. No need to be limited to a small wavelength range.

Resolve the smallest structures inside your SiPh device

With better than 5 um of resolution the finest structures inside a device can be resolved.

Measure WDL with wide wavelength sweeping range

Measure WDL with a single gain stage (>70 dB) and a wide wavelength range of up to 160 nm.

Easy analysis software included

Analyze reflective events, define multiple refractive indexes of different materials, calculate waveguide attenuation, save and load data.

Proximity Sensing for SiPh probe alignment
Use the fiber probe itself to sense distance from the silicon wafer to reduce cost of expensive imaging systems

Integrate with OPM for active SiPh alignment

System has built in feedthrough port to integrate an external OPM for active alignment.


Introducing the Swept Photonics Analyzer

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