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  • RLM-100

Optical Return Loss Meter

  • Most accurate RL test in its class
  • Self-calibrating optical return loss meter
  • Wireless integrating sphere detector
  • Ready for production automation
  • Barcode control available
  • No computer required
  • Chassis modular
  • XNS ready


RLM Front 80 0 25 screen
RLM Front screen
RLM OSX front 80 0 25 screen
RLM Front 80 0 25 screen


santec's Return Loss Meter (RLM-100) incorporates 20 years of customer feedback from being industry leaders in the cable assembly testing market. It is the next generation of optical IL/RL meters. Improvements on key hardware components make it twice as fast as other premium testing solutions with the same accuracy. 

A new patented calibration method allows you to perform a user self-calibration and measure single-mode RL up to 85 dB with increased accuracy. The RLM 100 is ideal for production and lab environments because of its front panel touchscreen and easy-to-use software.

The redesigned integrating sphere detector can measure RL loss on dense 72-channel MTP/MPO and duplex LC connectors with a single connection. The patented SD Slide Detector Adapters allow for the ultimate in ease-of-use.

Optimized for Speed and Accuracy

You can now choose between “Fast” and “Standard” modes. Fast mode measures IL/RL in less than 1.5 seconds per wavelength with the same accuracy as other premium test solutions up to 75 dB. Pair with the OSX Optical Switch to test multifiber assemblies. IL/RL of a 12 fiber devices at 2 wavelengths takes only 30 seconds. Standard mode’s accuracy surpasses all other commercially available test solutions and can accurately measure RL up to 85 dB.


The RLM does not need to be sent back to Santec for annual calibration. The selfcalibration feature provides you with step by-step instructions and generates a calibration report thereby minimizing production down-time and assuring measurement reliability.

Polarity testing
Polarity Testing

The new RD-P Remote-head Polarity Detector integrates with the RLM and OSX Optical Switch to measure polarity of multifiber assemblies such as MPO, duplex LC, CS, SN, etc. Go straight from polarity to IL/RL without disconnecting your device. Compared to the old method of using two switches, the RD-P saves on time, cost and improves IL/RL accuracy.

No minimum length
No Minimum Length
In a single SM acquisition, you can measure RLTotal which is the sum of reflections from the connectors and the fiber. RLTotal has no minimum length and is ideal for “mandrel-free” testing of short assemblies.

Integrating Sphere Detector
The RLM comes standard with an integrating sphere detector. It is manufactured as a single piece which gives it the best performance for testing multifiber cables such as MTP/ MPO and duplex LC. The patented SD Slide Detector Adapters are another innovation designed to facilitate high throughput testing. The optional RD-S Wireless Remote-head Integrating Sphere Detector adds extra flexibility.
Built for Automation

The RLM has been designed with the future of automated cable assembly testing in mind. Automation is much more obtainable with the easily interchangeable SD Slide Detector Adapters, RD-S and RD-P remote-head detectors as well as easy to program test plans. Synchronize automated mechanical movements with remote measurements through Ethernet control.


RLM - Overview

1:30 minute watch

RLM - Self-Calibration

2 min watch


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