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  • OPM-150

Multichannel Optical Power Meter

  • Up to 24 channels
  • Simultaneous power readings across all channels
  • Various detector options (InGaAs, Silicon)
  • USB and Ethernet communication protocols
  • <30ms sampling interval
  • Easily integrated into automation routines
  • half rack and full rack options
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Santec's OPM-150 Multichannel Optical Power Meter is a cost-effective solution for manufacturers or labs requiring high channel counts. Available with up to 24 individual detectors, the OPM-150 includes simultaneous power measurements on all channels and built-in USB and Ethernet communication.

The OPM-150 is capable of faster than 20ms sampling time over the USB interface allowing for fast feedback in active optical alignment applications for fiber coupling and silicon photonics.

Simultaneous optical power measurement capability enables users to instantly spot a port failure, making the OPM-150 an ideal instrument for demanding production and lab applications.
Software is available for easy automated testing and data export.

Individual Power Meters for Maximum Flexibility
Up to 24 individual optical power meters can be built into each OPM-150 enabling large channel counts for signal monitoring

Simultaneous Readings Across all channels
Capture data faster than 30ms for all 24 channels simultaneously enabling parallel signal alignment or automation
Touch Screen
Full colour touchscreen to control and display live readings
USB and Ethernet
Easily integrate the OPM-150 into automation routines.
Fast On-Demand Sampling

Faster than 30ms sampling interval for up to all 24 channels over the USB interface allowing for responsive measurements for automation and alignment purposes.

Various Detector Options Available

Selection of InGaAs and Silicon (Si) detectors allow for wide spectral capability

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