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  • OPM-110

USB Optical Power Meter

•Different detector types (Si or InGaAs) and sizes (1, 3, 5 or 10mm)

•50 ms sampling time 

•Small form factor

•USB powered and communication

*Replaces OP712

OPM 110


The OPM-110 is a standalone USB optical power meter that is operated and powered via USB. 

Absolute power and insertion loss (IL) are accurately measured. It is ideal for measuring fibers terminated with simplex connectors such as LC, SC or FC. When outfitted with a large area detector, the OPM-110 can also be used to test high density connectors such as MPO. Adapters with a quick-change magnetic interface are available for all standard connector options. 

Use Santec's SDK to control the OPM-110 or use our software to integrate into the test and measurement process.


•Optical alignment

•Silicon photonics

•Optical signal monitoring

•Transceiver testing

•Lab and R&D

•Free space optics

Variety of Detector Types and Sizes

Detector types include Si or InGaAs.

Available in 1, 3, 5, or 10 mm

50 ms Sampling Time

With a 50 ms sampling time one can monitor power in real time and perform responsive alignment adjustments for automation.

Small Form Factor

The small form factor system allows for it to be used in some of the most constrained spaces.

USB Power and Communication

No need for an external power supply. A single connection to the computer enables optical power readings.

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