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  • MPM-2xx

Multichannel Optical Power Meter

MPM Series

The perfect tool for very fast simultaneous measurement of multi-port optical devices

  • High Speed Measurement
    (Up to 1 million logging sampling points per port)
  • Up to 20-Channels Measurement
  • Power Meter Module (MPM-211 / 212 / 215)
  • Current Meter Module (MPM-213)
MPM 210 H
MPM modules
High Dynamic Range

- 80 to + 10 dBm (MPM-211 / 212)

- 70 to + 5 dBmA (MPM-215)

High Dynamic Range (logging mode)
  • 50 dB per scan (MPM-211 / 212)
  • 70 dB per scan (MPM-215)
Up to 1 million logging points
  • 1 million points per port 
  • 2 memory buffers per port


The MPM-210H is a new multi-channel optical power meter that is perfect for measuring the optical characteristics of multichannel optical devices. The MPM-210H can simultaneously measure up to 20 channels (4 channels per MPM-211 module) very fast with high resolution. It features high accuracy, high linearity, and extremely low polarization-dependent sensitivity with power levels from -80 to +10 dBm (-70 to +5 dBm for MPM-215) over a wavelength range of 1250-1680 nm. GPIB, TCP/IP and RS-232C interfaces provide a convenient automated measurement solution.

The MPM-210H is ideal for IL and PDL measurement of multichannel optical components including Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM), AWG, Wavelength Selective Switches (WSS) and more. When combined with a Santec TSL-Series laser equipped with a power monitor output, the MPM-210H allows the user to complete high precision IL measurements while referencing in real-time. In particular, the MPM-215 is suitable for high-speed measurement of optical components with a dynamic range of 50 dB or more.

Seeing as the new MPM-210H multichannel optical power meter is command compatible with the previous MPM-210 model, switching to the new MPM-210H is as simple as swapping out your devices.


  • High speed measurement
    Up to 1 million logging sampling points per port 2 memory buffers per port
    Fast measurement (100 kHz) with high resolution
  • High dynamic range
    - 80 to + 10 dBm (MPM-211 / 212)
    - 70 to + 5 dBmA (MPM-215)
  • High dynamic range (logging mode)
    50 dB per scan (MPM-211 / 212)
    70 dB per scan (MPM-215)
  • Current meter module (MPM-213)
    Dynamic current range - 70 to + 10 dBmA
  • Analog output (MPM-212)
  • Up to 20-port measurement
  • Wavelength Range 1250 to 1650 nm


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