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Fiber Optic Test Data Logging Software

  • Timer based data acquisition
  • Capture IL, RL, temperature and auxiliary parameters
  • Data in Excel format
  • Programmable Sequences
  • Graphical display of results vs. time

OPL LOG Screenshot


Built on the OPL-MAX measurement and computing core, OPL-LOG also supports multichannel insertion loss and return loss testing with all the same customization. However, while OPL-MAX is suited for use in a production line, OPL-LOG specializes in performing timer-based, long-term data gathering. To support this, OPL-LOG can control a number of third-party devices such as an ESPEC Temperature and Humidity Chamber and a Fluke Hydra to measure not only the change in insertion loss and return loss over time, but also temperature, humidity, and other parameters. Another key feature of OPL-LOG is the capability to run up to two tests at the same time to maximize the data logging capability of the devices.

Timer Based Data Acquisition
Capture IL, RL, Temperature and Auxiliary Parameters
Data in Excel Format
Programmable Sequences
Graphical Display of Results vs. Time


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