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  • ILM-100

Insertion Loss Meter

• Fully automated, single wavelength or dual wavelength insertion loss measurement

• Multimode units available with controlled launch condition available for EF, M80, 70/70

• High speed USB Interface to standard computer

• Cable test software available for writing measurement data directly into a spreadsheet

• Interface to custom applications via Santec's SDK

ILM 100 POWERRT front top view
ILM 100 front reflected with AD FC


The ILM was designed to measure insertion loss (IL) on fiber optic components quickly and accurately.

Dual wavelength IL measurements are performed in less than one second.

IL is measured by utilizing the built-in, stabilized laser or LED source in combination with the precision optical power meter.

The ILM is available with up to 24 channels for efficient testing of multifiber cables.

Full Automation

Auto start feature for single or dual wavelength IL

EF, M80, 70/70 launch conditions available

USB Interface

High speed USB interface to standard PC.

Write data directly into a spreadsheet

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