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  • PTM-100

Polarity Test Meter

  • Fast Pass/Fail results
  • Touchscreen display and operation
  • Up to 288 channels in one box
  • Test results stored with XNS IL/RL results or to Excel
PTM Polarity Test Meter


The PTM Polarity Test Meter is an easy-to-use instrument specifically designed to check the polarity of multifiber cable assemblies. The PTM is equipped with a touchscreen interface to allow for one touch testing of typical pre-programmed types A, B, C, and unlimited configurable custom profiles. The Visual Fault Locator (VFL) mode enables easy manual identification of any possible damaged or crossed fibers.

The PTM can be built with up to 288 channels in one chassis and expanded to 432, if needed. The PTM can operate on a stand-alone Santec platform which does not require a PC to operate. There is still the possibility of remote operation through USB or Ethernet. You can use the free Cable Assembly software to save your polarity results along with your IL/RL results. The included PTS software package also allows you to test just polarity with results exported to Microsoft Excel.

The PTM has been developed with customers in mind by looking at the growing demand to reduce testing time and to increase throughput with a user-friendly experience.

Optimized for Speed and Accuracy

12 channels in 1 second

288 channels in <10 seconds

Endless Configurations

Manually configure any mapping or use the 'Discover' function

Test Any Device

Test SM or MM, APC or UPC in the same device

Non-Contact Adapters

Available with non-contact adapters, making contamination issues a thing of the past


PTM Overview

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