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  • OPM-160

High-Speed Optical Power Meter

•Simultaneous 125 kHz readings from up to 24 detectors
•Software driven high-speed data capture
•Colour touch screen display
•USB 3.1 interface

*Replaces OP740

OPM 160 front top view


The OPM-160 is a multi-channel, high-speed optical power meter. Unlike other solutions, all channels are measured simultaneously. Up to 24 channels of data can be acquired at up to 125,000 readings per second or 8 μs sampling time. This surpasses the IEC 61300-3-28 standard for measuring transient loss as well as the military standard 1678-2A for monitoring high-speed optical discontinuities.
The 2U full rack housing is shallow enough for convenient benchtop use. The colour touchscreen can control the unit and display the readings on one or all channels simultaneously. PC software can also be used for instrument control, setting pass/fail limits, and monitoring readings


•Transient loss compliance (IEC 61300-2-38)

•Shock and vibration testing 

•Cable strain and retention testing 

•High-speed IL/BR monitoring

•Lab and R&D

Software Driven High-Speed Data Capture
The OPM-160 includes HSOPM software for customizable high-speed data capture from 1 to 24 channels. The HSOPM software allows simultaneous monitoring of all 24 channels and performs automated IEC 61300-3-28 transient loss tests.
Unparalleled Variable Sample Rate
A maximum rate of 125,000 samples per second with an 8 μs sampling period, from 1 to 24 detectors simultaneously, exceeds all requirements of the IEC 61300-3-28 standard.
Interchangeable Adapter Interface
Our universal OPM adapter system readily accommodates industry standard connector types including FC, SC, LC, and ST, as well as universal adapters for 1.25 mm and 2.5 mm ferrules. The OPM-160 can also be built with electrical ports for remote head detectors.
Software Configurable Event Analysis
The HS-OPM software suite allows user to define trigger thresholds for easy data analysis and event detection for transient analysis or shock and vibration testing.
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