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  • OVA-100

Optical Variable Attenuator

  • Precise optical power
  • ± 0.1 dB accuracy
  • ± 0.01 dB repeatability
  • 100 dB dynamic range
  • Custom core sizes
OVA Front 90 0 0 FOV 70 384x237


The OVA Optical Variable Attenuator enables precise optical power control featuring high accuracy and superior repeatability. It can be used as a benchtop or rackmount instrument.
The OVA is ideal for lab and production applications including power level adjustments in automated test systems, Bit Error Rate Testing (BERT) of transceivers, and channel equalization in WDM systems.

The OVA attenuator offers ± 0.01dB repeatability and a dynamic range of up to 100 dB (depending on the model configuration). The OVA can be controlled via the front panel touch screen, or remotely via USB and Ethernet.

OVA series attenuators operate from 1200-1700nm for single-mode and 750-1700nm for multimode. A power monitoring PD can be added to read the power output of the instrument. It can be used to auto adjust the attenuation for a constant customized power level.

Accuracy and Precision
± 0.1 dB accuracy, ± 0.01 dB repeatability
Standard and Custom core sizes available.
Wide Operating Ranges and Spectrums
Wide Wavelength Range

Accurate attenuation at any wavelength


OVA Optical Attenuator

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• Manufacturing production testing

• Bit Error Rate Testing (BERT)

• Channel equalization


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