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  • PLM-100

Polarization Dependent Loss Meter

  • Ultra stable and accurate PDL, BR & IL measurements
  • Up to 4 internal lasers/external inputs
  • 4 or 6 states Mueller Matrix methods
  • Resolution down to 0.001 dB
  • < 1 second PDL measurements
PLM Front 90 0 0 FOV 70 384x237


The PLM Polarization Dependent Loss Meter builds upon the BRM’s stable and proven technology and takes it to the next level. Improved source isolation, electronics, optics, and continuous laser power referencing enhance the performance to allow for the most repeatable and stable measurements.

The base model is capable of PDL, IL, and average IL measurements with a resolution of 0.001 dB and an unmatched PDL accuracy of up to ± (0.005 + 2% of PDL).

The backreflection option allows BR measurements from 0 to -75 dB with an accuracy of ±0.4 dB.

The PLM allows for a combination of up to 4 external inputs (1260 – 1650 nm) or internal sources (1310/1490/1550/1625 nm) and a dual output option for maximum flexibility. Custom wavelengths are available upon request.

An intuitive touchscreen display simplifies the operation. The meter may also be controlled through remote interface (Ethernet or USB) and used with our free GMS software to automate measurements.

Ultra Stable and Accurate
IL resolution down to 0.001 dB and BR range down to -75 dB

Select up to 4 internal lasers/external inputs
Mueller Matrix Methods
4 or 6 state measurements come standard
Extremely Fast and Accurate
<1 second PDL measurements with accuracy of up to ± (0.005 + 2% of PDL)

Polarization Dependent Loss Meter Overview

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