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  • OTF-930

Gaussian Shape Tunable Filter

Programmable thin-film dialectric coating based Tunable Filter

• 80 nm tuning range, 0.01 nm resolution
• Low PDL ( <0.1 dB) & PMD ( <0.1 ps) 
• Peak search function

OTF 930


The OTF-930 is a polarization independent 80 nm tunable filter. Santec's unique "Linear Sliding" technology is a breakthrough in filter design that enables precise and continuous wavelength tuning with constant optical properties such as PDL, bandwidth and insertion loss.

The instrument is designed to allow filters to be cascaded to increase filter isolation with minimal increase in insertion loss. This model has a wide selection of filters that are suitable for most of the fiber optic applications in the market.

ASE Noise Suppression

Different filters can remove ASE noise from signal amplified by EFDA

Wavelength Channel Selection

Easy selection of single DWDM wavelength from a 100 GHz grid

Incoherent Light Source

Incoherent light source is created by combining filter with broadband light source

Features & Characteristics

• 80 nm tuning range
• Low insertion loss
• Low PDL ( < 0.1 dB) & PMD ( < 0.1 ps) over whole tuning range
• 0.01 nm resolution
• Full GPIB support

Filter Selections

3 dB Bandwidth: 0.8 nm to 1.0 nm
*Examples illustrate typical performance.

Filter type

- 3 dB Bandwidth 0.9 nm
- 10 dB Bandwidth 2.8 nm
- 20 dB Bandwidth

- 3 dB Bandwidth 0.9 nm
- 10 dB Bandwidth 2.0 nm

08S1, 12S2 Filter Characteristics (@1550nm)

12 Filter Profile

Chromatic Dispersion & Group Delay [12S2, 1550nm]

Chromatic dispersion for each wavelength

  • 1530 nm + 4.0 ps/nm - 4.5 ps/nm
  • 1550 nm + 5.0 ps/nm - 5.0 ps/nm
  • 1570 nm + 5.0 ps/nm - 5.0 ps/nm


  • ASE Noise Suppression
    When optical signals are amplified using EDFAs, unwanted levels of amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) can decrease the signal-to-noise ratio. The OTF-930 with 08-S1, 08-S2 or 12-S2 filters can remove the ASE noise with minimal loss.
  • Wavelength Channel Selection
    The 03-S2 filter configuration is particularly suitable for selecting a single DWDM wavelength from a 100 GHz grid. Other filters can be used to select other ITU grid spaced signals.
  • Incoherent Light Source
    When used in combination with a broadband light source the OTF-930 can be configured as a tunable light source. Although the output power is relatively low (- 30 to - 20 dBm) the incoherent light is especially useful for applications which are affected by coherent resonance effects or non-linear interference

Application example: Checking the signal degradation tolerance of optical transceivers

Filter Structure
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