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  • WIZ-QS-110

Single Fiber Automated Interferometer

WIZ-QS-110 is an automated interferometer for inspection of single fiber connectors, ferrules, and bare fiber. The WIZ-QS-110 was designed as a basic solution for interferometric inspection of fiber optic connectors in high-volume production environments, where speed, simplicity, and precision matter the most.

Whitelight measurement algorithm and precision-aligned fixtures not requiring frequent calibration make it stand out from the competition in the same category of products.

Note: WIZ-QS-110 is an upgraded model of WIZ-QS+ interferometer, retaining all its benefits.

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Suitable for Volume Production

Save time with easy ferrule/connector insertion and fixture handling


Minimize operator’s actions to just one click

Interactive 2D and 3D Surface Profiles

Rotate, zoom, scale images to explore surface details as small as 2.5 μm

Fast Measurements

Measure single fiber connectors and ferrules as quickly as 1.3 seconds with USB 3.0 SuperSpeed connection.

One-Click Operation

Save time testing large quantities of connectors in Express Mode.

Industry-Leading MaxInspect™ Automated Inspection Software

Measure radius of curvature, apex offset, fiber height, core dip, etc.

Factory Precision-Aligned Fixtures

Be free of the necessity to calibrate your fixtures before each use or when changing between fixtures.

Wide Range of Applications

Inspect single fiber connectors, ferrules, bare fiber, Arinc, MS termini, both PC and APC.

Compliance to Industry Standards

Test per IEC, Telcordia or your own Pass/Fail criteria.

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